Identity Card Printers

We supply top quality Plastic ID Card Printers (Datacard Group, Fargo Electronics, Hi-Touch Imaging, Zebra Technologies) and their consumable card products such as Printer Ribbon, Cleaning Kits, Adhesive Cleaning Sleeves, Adhesive Cleaning Tape, Lamination Film, Printable Cards (Blank Card) etc at cheaper prices.

We also offer various services of ID card solutions, Sales and Repairs of ID Card printer and Accessories, Management Software, Hardware and Software of Biometrics, access control and RFID solutions. We have plastic Id Card Printers, like Fargo, (Zebra Product): ZXP Series 3, ZXP Series 7 and (Magicard Product): Tango 2e, Rio Pro, Enduro and (Datacard product):Datacard SD360, SD460, and (Evolis) Durayls 3 and 2, primacy and (Fargo): Fargo DTC 1250e, Fargo DTC 4500e, Fargo HDP5000. Also with Management Software for batch production and Security, Idpro 7, Badge Maker 6400, CardFive, Assure ID, Smart ID, Trust ID, ID Works etc.

Our Services are:
Plastic ID Card Machines, Accessories + Consumables supply, Maintenance, Finger Print, Biometric Machines, Access Control, RFID Cards, MIFARE Cards, HID Cards, Signature Pads, ID Card Management Softwares, etc
ID Card Printer Consumables
Smart Card Solutions
We are experts in the installation and production of facilities for smart card solutions for schools, hospitals, companies, government parastatals etc.

Our smart cards are multipurpose: They can be used for identification, payment of school fees or bills, Access Control (library, student halls, laboratories etc), Time and Attendance, Academic Activities, Recording Attendance (students and staff), Storing academic information, Identification during exams, Print transcripts/graduation certificates, Medical Records (UHS) all in one card. These cards are highly secured with the latest security features thereby making it very difficult for counterfeit production.

We handle both hardware installation and software development, so you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Time & Attendance/Access Control Devices

Biometrics & Signature Pads

ID Cards Printing

Customized Lanyards

We produce quality and durable customized Imported lanyard for schools, colleges, companies, organizations at a reduced price depending on the volume.

We have various types and sizes to accommodate company name, product name, logo, event details or text. They can be used at exhibition events, seminars or give away at conferences or meetings. It can also be used at schools and various organisations.

Also, we design and print quality IDENTITY CARDS nationwide.

Award Plaques

We make quality Award Plaques and Trophies for awards ceremonies, honorary occasions etc. They can be used at exhibition events, seminars or give away at conference or meetings.
Our award plaques and trophies consist of wooden, metalic and crystal materials depending on your budget.

Timely and Excellent Service Delivery is guaranteed.


We spcialize in the supply of Foreign and local Diaries of all sizes to Banks, Churches, Schools, Private & Public Organizations etc at affordable prices. This can be used as Gift/Promotional Items for Customers, Members, Students etc.

It can also be used as Souvenir for occassions such as Wedding Ceremony, Birthday Party, Political Rally etc.

No matter how good your products or Services are, If you do not advertise them nobody will know about them.

Gift Items

We supply and brand all kinds of gift and souvenir items such T-Shirts, Polo, Umbrella, Key-Holders, Pens, Bags, Flash Drives, Mugs, Lanyards, Wristbands, Award Plagues, mousepads, lapel pins, etc at the cheapest price.

We also do:
Hand Bill Printing, Calendar Printing, Cards Printing, Gift Item Printing, Towels Printing, Sublimation, Posters Printing, Mugs Printing, Printing Of Gift Items, Monogramming Services, Umbrella Branding, Bags Printing, Face Cap Branding, Biro Branding etc.

Timely and Excellent Service Delivery is assured.



We are the best in Mugs supply and Branding in Nigeria. Lets personalize your name, picture and design on Mugs. This could go a long way in creating awareness about yourself or business.

The Customized Mugs can be used as Gift/Promotional Items for events such as Wedding, Birthday Party, Burial Ceremony, Election Campaigns, Occassions for Senior Citizens, exhibition events, seminars or give away at conferences or meetings etc. It can also serve as a means of advertisement for corporate/Private organizations.

We have other mugs such as MAGIC MUGS, tone mug, spoon mug, thermal mug, normal, two-color mug etc.
Our Products are of high quality and very durable.
We deliver anywhere within and outside Nigeria.